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2010 Health Savings Account Contributions Limits Announced

The maximum contribution that can be made to an HSA in 2010 for employees with single coverage will be $3,050, up from $3,000 in 2009, according to the US Treasury.

The maximum HSA contribution for those with family coverage will rise to $6,150, up from $5,950.

Additionally, the maximum out-of-pocket expense, including deductibles, that employees can be required to pay next year will rise to $5,950 for single coverage, up from $5,800 this year, and $11,900 for family coverage, up from $11,600.

The minimum deductible of the high-deductible health insurance plan to which HSAs must be linked will increase next year to $1,200 for single coverage and $2,400 for family coverage. The current minimum deductibles are $1,150 for single coverage and $2,300 for family coverage.

The new limits that the IRS announced Thursday reflect increases in the cost of living.


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