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Cost Comparison Calculator

Calculates the comparison of an Individual High Deductible HSA Health Care plan to prior year Healthcare Plans*

As a result of numerous visitor requests, has constructed a cost calculator which helps individuals to APPROXIMATELY compare the total cost of their current insurance plan against a high-deductible, HSA compatible plan.

Often, current medical plan costs are much greater than the individual believes, when all co-pay commitments are added. The Cost Comparison Calculator asks a visitor to provide all this information and then compares this with an HSA-eligible insurance program. The visitor can determine the level of deductibility up to 10,000. A formula is then applied based on the state the individual lives in and other factors and includes a specified percentage for tax savings.

Taken together, these calculations provide visitors with an APPROXIMATE LEVEL of cost for an HSA-compatible plan for a 12 month period. (Remember, tax savings are allowed in proportion to the number of months the plan is opened during a calendar year. A plan opened July 1, is only eligible for half of the tax savings.)

* This calculator is designed to aid in the analysis of individual healthcare insurance plans and is not a solicitation to sell or provide insurance advice.

Please fill out the questions in black. Questions in red are calculated automatically.

Actual Medical Cost HSA Account
1. Total dollars deducted (spent) in health insurance premiums, previous year. (Monthly premium times 12) $ 9. Please enter your zip code   
2. Deductible for previous year $ 10. If you reside in HI, NY, NJ , CT or MA please check here   
3. Co-pay (average) $ 11. Month HSA opened   
4. Co-pay of prescriptions (average) $ 12. Choose the deductible you want to have $
5. Estimated total number of visits with co-pay requirements previous year    13. Projected monthly premium $
6. Estimated total prescriptions filled    14. 12-Month projected premium cost $
7. Emergency room or other expenses (estimated) with added charges $ 15. Total HSA cost (12-month premium plus desired deductable from question 12) $
8. Total cost of medical insurance last year $ 16. Less your income tax effective rate (please choose)   


The Cost Comparison Calculator allows the individual visitor to add up last year's healthcare costs, factor in deductible expenses as well as all co-pay payments to arrive at a total yearly cost for their healthcare insurance.

Often, this figure is greater than the individual believes, when all co-pay commitments are factored into the costs. The Cost Comparison Calculator then plugs in what an HSA-eligible insurance program would require, including the specified deductible, adds in a specified tax savings percentage and provides a comparison figure. Most HSA-eligible plans do not require co-pays, once the deductible has been met. Projected HSA costs are also adjusted by state based on a mathematically deduced formula.