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What Are Health Savings Accounts?

The new Health Savings Account (HSA) program pairs a high-deductible health insurance plan with a tax-free health savings account that is owned and controlled by the consumer.

As a result, employees and individuals can use Health Savings Accounts to pay for medical expenses up to their deductible and save towards their retirement, as well as enjoying a safety net against catastrophic medical occurrences.

Healthcare is the number one issue facing many individuals and companies in America.  Health Savings Accounts can ease the cost burden.   Click here for more information about HSAs. is an independent information and advisory website for Health Savings Accounts and consumer directed healthcare. is the nation's source for online Health Savings Account information. This site is manned by a team of specially trained health insurance professionals dedicated to serving individuals, families, small companies and corporations who want to adopt HSAs. Comparative information on HSA custodians is provided. As is information about What is an HSA, How to set up and HSA, and How to use an HSA. As a complete HSA online health insurance center, has reinvented the way to inform the nation about HSA insurance. We've created the premier online destination where our valued customers will find the best Health Savings Account plans for particular circumstances. Here, you'll learn all about the latest health insurance news and get instant online health insurance quotes for health plan benefits from the largest selection of affordable products from leading companies.
At, you can find the widest selection of affordable HSA health insurance plans, individual HSA health insurance, family HSA health insurance, self employed HSA health insurance, small business group HSA health insurance, short-term HSA health insurance, as well as ancillary products to satisfy individual needs—all in one place.
At, you can find the widest selection of affordable HSA health insurance plans, Individual HSA Health Insurance, Family HSA Health Insurance, Self Employed HSA Health Insurance , Small Business Group HSA Health Insurance, Short-term HSA Health Insurance, as well as ancillary products to satisfy individual needs—all available in one place.
The health insurance plans we feature are offered by medical insurance industry leaders, including health insurance plans from Aetna, American Community Mutual, American Medical Security, American National, Assurant / Fortis , Benicorp, Blue Cross of Arizona, Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, CBSA, Celtic Insurance, CIGNA, Continental General, Empire, Fortis, GHI, Golden Rule, Great West Life, Humana, IAC, Insurers Administrative Corporation, John Alden, Kaiser, Medical Savings Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Pacificare, Perfect Health Insurance, Principal Financial, Starmark, Unicare, United Healthcare, Wellpoint and World Insurance.
By providing choices and instant online HSA health insurance quotes, we enable you to conveniently locate plans to suit individual HSA health insurance needs and budget goals.
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