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HealthHarbor Rolls Out Redesigned Consumer-Centered Web

HealthHarbor, an online consumer healthcare resource, has announced a redesigned and expanded Web site with several new interactive health-consumer tools as well as improved and increased content.

The company says the redesigned Website,, enables users to find new ways to save money on healthcare and get the most value from their health coverage.

The site offers four new interactive tools which the company says are designed to help consumers take more control of their healthcare. The new consumer-centered tools include an Insurance Denial Analyzer, an Affordable Vaccine Finder, and Routine Medical Service Finder focusing on services offered by walk-in retail clinics, and an Affordable Health Coverage search. The new tools join the sites established Discount Generic Drug Radar, which HealthHarbor says has helped hundreds of patients since its launch in the summer.

"We are excited about the ability to further help healthcare consumers take control of their healthcare situations by putting more complete information at their fingertips," said Heather Johnson, a HealthHarbor spokeswoman. "In addition to the new tools and content, we know that the improved user interface will make our site even more useful for the healthcare-consumer community, allowing them to become more savvy about their healthcare and lowering their overall medical costs."

In addition to the content HealthHarbor has offered since its inception, the company says its redesigned site improves the information available to consumers about medical tourism, insurance denials and dealing with medical bills. The site now also offers a new Patient Resource Center.

"As the health-reform debate drags on, we want people to know that there are things they can be doing today to get more value for their healthcare dollar," Johnson says. "We believe every consumer of healthcare has personal, daily opportunities to drive more value from the healthcare system."