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HSAs Emerge From Healthcare Reform Bill Relatively Unchanged

While the healthcare reform bill has many unpopular and unfavorable changes, Health Savings Accounts appear to be relatively unscathe upon first reading.

However, experts report that there are several aspects left to regulatory authorities that may adversely affect them in the future.

They include:

  • Whether the Secretary will allow plan sponsors (employers and insurers) to include the value of contributions to the HSA account when determining the actuarial value
  • Whether the Secretary will set "medical loss ratio" standards in a way that is appropriate for plans with high deductibles (I.e., pay a lower share of premiums on medical claims due to the deductible)
  • Whether there will be mandated benefits other than preventive care that must be provided on a first-dollar basis (I.e., below the deductible), which could conflict with HSA requirements that nothing other than preventive care be exempt from the plan deductible.